Cowhide Leather Belts


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tan, medium brown, chocolate, black or burgundy


For as long as Desert Son has made the traditional southwest moccasins, they have also made a fine line of belts to go with different size belt buckles. Belts are kept in stock for immediate shipment and can also be made up in approximately a week. Provide us with the measurements of your buckle and waist /trouser size and we will send the appropriate belt.You can also send us your buckle to guarantee fit. Exchanges are possible.

Fitting instructions:
If you have either a 1″ or a 3/4″ BUCKLE SET then ONLY provide us with your waist/trouser size.

If you have a one piece buckle; we will need to know what size belt can fit through the hasp as well as the DISTANCE from the hasp to the tongue, which hooks into the holes on the belt.

Desert Son makes a straight belt in either 1 1/4″width , which will fit slacks and jeans, or in 1 1/2″ width and 1 3/4″ width which fits only jeans.

We also make TAPERED belts which are ideal for the buckle sets. Tapered belts are also great for the 1″ to 1 1/4″ buckle, the taper allows a one piece buckle to be framed by the taper. Tapered belts generally go from 1 1/4” wide tapering to 1″ or 3/4″.

For any belt or buckle questions call the shop, 520-299-0818.